Friday, February 09, 2007

photos with new camera

Today my darling husband bought me a new digital camera. No more 2 megapixel blah. I have a Kodak Z710 with 7 MP and a 10x optical zoom and lots of other cool stuff. I told him of all the places we could use the new camera. Vacation, parties, new births and he added "yeah, and you can take pictures of your knitting!". There's no hiding from him.
So, here are the debut photos from the new toy. First, my new STR in Lucy that I posted about yesterday. It is all I hoped it would be. Beautiful and SO soft.

Next we have the lovely monkey sock in Koigu. I love this yarn as well. And the colorway is divine. I really like the way the colors are working up in this pattern.

And last but not least ... Cody. He's so cute.


Blogger Heather said...

Jill - I really, really like the monkey sock!!! Where is that pattern? How can I get a hold of it. Of course, anything Koigu looks fabulous, but it's really great like that! What a gorgeous picture with that fancy new camera!

5:44 PM  
Blogger knittingdiva1 said...

Love the monkey sock.
Love the koigu colors used.
Could you/Would you share the colorway numbers used in this sock?

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Olivia said...

Well written article.

8:17 PM  

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