Thursday, April 06, 2006

Two words ....

Addi Turbo .... welcome to the world of Addis. I LOVE these things. I purchased my first pair yesterday (until now I have been a staunch bamboo user) to use on the Rowan Summer Tweed sweater (see below) "Ginger". I figured since the yarn was cotton it may work best on some sort of metal. My LYS lady recommended Addis. Smart move. Why hasn't anyone told me? I cast on to a bamboo needle b/c the first few rows had to be on 7s. Wow, that was a pain ... cotton on bamboo, ICK. So I moved up to 8s with the shiny new addis and am very pleased.

Also making progress on my first ever sock and finished the Big Bad Baby Blanket for a friend. Pics to come ...

Happy knits!


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